Ad Industry Gearing Up For Possible Actors Strike; Production Hurry-Up Expected

The ad industry is gearing up for a possible actors strike. Its chief negotiator is urging advertisers and ad agencies to finish all commercial shoots that employ union actors before the March 31 expiration of SAG-AFTRA’s current contract

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Being Persistent To Understand Everything About Making Movies Is Important To Your Success!

Today's selection -- from Power House by James Andrew Miller.

Tom Cruise gets the role of Joel Goodsen in the movie Risky Business:

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One Audition Can Change Everything

Working to make it as an actor, and by "make it" I literally just mean booking enough jobs consistently to actually be able to pay bills, can seem like quite the challenge for those learning how to become an actor.  

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How To Write A Talent Resume The Right Way

Having a talent resume is one, of three, CRUCIAL steps for any talent to get started in the business.  You will staple your resume directly to the back of your 8x10 head shot when attending castings, auditions and/or mailing submissions to agencies and managers.

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What Does A Talent Agent Actually Do?

Your talent agent is spending the majority of their time on the phone or contacting employers and potential clients online. Talent agents are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways to accomplish their goals and the goals of the talent they represent.   

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Four Things Talent Should Understand From The Beginning.

Would you trust anyone to be your doctor simply because they watch a lot of hospital dramas on television,  have just always dreamed of being a doctor, and therefore believe themselves to be just as qualified as a real doctor? Would you trust adorable young kiddos to give you that amazing new haircut currently trending on Pinterest that you have been wanting and have even created your own private board for last week?  If I were to guess the answer.... I would have to guess....No. and WHY???????  BECAUSE:  Due to lack of training, qualification and experience!  Did I get it?  Do you agree?  (#iamnotwrong)

To work as a professional creative artist in the entertainment industry, whether as an actor, dancer, singer, musician, all of the above, and really any entertainment professional for that matter, the rule still applies.

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