Basic On-Set Etiquette Every Actor Should Know

Once on Set: 
Do not bring your camera, laptop, iPad on set. Always turn your cell phone OFF whenever you are going onset. Once on set, the ADs (Assistant Directors) and AD PAs (Assistant Director Production Assistants) will let you know what you are supposed to do in a scene. It is very important to be quiet at all times and pay attention to their instructions. On set, everyone has a specific job to do. Please ask the AD PAs if you do not know what to do . . . do not ask wardrobe, cameramen, grips, etc. The ADs need to know where you are at all times. If you need to leave the set for any reason, please check with them first. The ADs and AD PAs are your point of contact while at work.

Actors are your Co-Workers: 
DO NOT ask the actors for autographs or engage them in conversation. Actors are working hard to be “in the zone.” They are there to do a job, just like you are.

Hurry Up and Wait:
In this business, everything is “hurry up and wait.” There will most likely be long periods of time when it seems as though nothing is happening. However, actors may be rehearsing lines, the crew may be lighting the set, etc. Always be patient! Remember, you are getting paid even when seemingly nothing is happening! The hours can be long and the weather can be trying. EXTRAS: When you agree to be an extra, THEY NEED YOU ALL DAY LONG! Once you are “established” in a scene, we need you to remain on set until they complete the shooting of that scene. If for any reason you cannot spend twelve or more hours on set, please let your point of contact know before the day of shooting.

At Wrap:
Make sure to always return your wardrobe and/or props to the holding area to sign out

Emergencies happen. If you are lost or sick ALWAYS CONTACT your point of contact. If you do not show up and do not let someone know in advance, you will be considered a “no show” and deleted from databases. 

YOUR are the PR for this show! Please remember this when you post on facebook, twitter, or talk to your friends and family! In our tech savvy world, everything you say and post can be used against you. Choose wisely what to post! If you post a picture or comment on your day on set, the production could ask that you are not invited back. FOX/WGN has expressed that NO COSTUMES OR STORY PLOTS BE SHARED ON 

SOCIAL MEDIA. Usually if you are caught taking photos and publicly posting them- you will be asked to leave and could be pursued legally. Be wise!!