How do I get started as a model or actor?

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How do I get started as a model or actor?

By: Jenn David, President of J.L. David Talent Agency in Nashville, TN.

To begin modeling or acting, the first step is to contact J.L. David Talent to set-up an evaluation and interview with one of our experienced talent agents. This may also involve a screen test . You do not have to bring a professional photo portfolio book to your first appointment, but eventually you will need photos for clients (the companies who hire you through J.L. David Talent) to see what you look like. A photo portfolio book is a collection of photos which show your versatility and quality as a model.

To hire a model or actor, clients contact J.L. David Talent to review available talent for their project. In order to show that you are professional (and worth hiring as a paid model or actor), you must have current, professional head shots and body shots in a portfolio book.  You should also have a digital version and a hard copy of your portfolio book. Digital/online portfolios allow clients to preview the models and actors they wish to hire and see up-to-date photos, resume and stats such as sizes, age range, etc. (J.L. David Talent can show you how to set up an online portfolio).

For instance, our database offers a search option.  Clients can type in what they are specifically looking for and an actor’s or model’s photos can immediately be seen. It is still suggested that you have printed head shots, composite cards and portfolio books so you have something to leave with clients at auditions and go-sees. These are also helpful if a potential client asks your Agent to send hard copies of your photos.


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