Best Times To Post On Social Media

Are you finding yourself emotionally frazzled and consistently frustrated whenever you hear someone say “you need to work on your social media ?” or “how many followers for you have?” As you think to yourself, “Wait, I thought this was a job interview what does that matter?”

Posting on social media already seems like such a task, that also knowing exactly when to post if you want to get the best engagement from your followers seems like even more of a mind game. The social media “game” has now almost become an Olympic sport and only the best will survive, and by survive I literally mean survive. It seems like a persons social media “status” is what merits their credibility, talent, value, and success and the old term “resume” is of ancient history. Already, we ask the question “How can we, as a society, keep up with this constant evolving and and extremely fast paced speed of technology advances? AND NOW we also have to intimately learn the best way to “cheat” the system for us to even gain from its advantages? It starts to become so overwhelming.

So what are the best times to post on social media? Take a look at the information below and find out! Let us know how it works for you and if you seem to get better results!

best timers social media.png