What To Wear For Your Self Tape Audition

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that technology is constantly evolving and FAST.  Just within the last decade technology has brought a bout more resources, that are creating more opportunities in all areas of business commerce and especially the way we communicate with the world.

These technological advances as it pertains and relates to our industry is that more and more actors are being requested by Casting Directors to audition via self tape, which the actor will send in by a set deadline. This evolved casting process has opened up so many more opportunities and allows actors to be seen for the part without having to come in and audition in person.

Many Casting Directors are finding that self tape auditions are a good and efficient way to filter out quite a chunk of candidates: Therefore. saving time for the actor and casting director. 

In addition to saving time, for actors and casting directors, there are other benefits to self taped auditions:  actors don’t have to travel, which saves money on gas, airline tickets, hotels, and of course it gives the actor much more control of their audition and performance.

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Now with all the great benefits of self tapes just , 

 A self tape audition should follow the basic rules of a live audition when it comes to what to wear. With that being said you still want to make sure that what you do wear, following the guidelines of what CD expect from professional actors.

Choosing clothes for your self-tape audition can also be an important consideration, and you really want to be wearing a solid color. Clothing that’s free from very bright and busy patterns works best for self-taped auditions. Keep your clothing as simple as you can and try to avoid too many accessories or jewelry.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that the camera does tend to add extra weight to your body. So ideally you don’t want to be wearing clothes that aren’t too tight or clothes that appear too big on you. Wear what you’re comfortable with and just try and be yourself. Simplicity will work best here, unless you’re aiming at specific character choice.

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What to wear for self tape auditons
What to wear for self tape auditions
What to wear for self tape auditons

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