What makes JLD a Successful Talent Management Company?

What makes JLD a Successful Talent Management Company?

In a few words; talent management is about scouting for talents, interviewing them, signing them, and nurturing them into professionals. However, each talent is unique, and the real challenge is in developing a strategy that effectively nurtures every talent into a mature life-long professional. 

The problem with managing many talents is that every step in all talent management must be structured to help the agency move forward as a unified brand. Therefore, everyone who takes part in the process needs to have the objectives of the company in mind and embrace the mission, the vision, and the core values of the company. 

A good talent management plan can make the whole difference. A thoughtful plan is the magic wand around JLD’s success stories in talent management. 

So, here are some surefire tips to our talent management strategies. 

JL David - a Full Service Talent Agency

JL David - a Full Service Talent Agency

We Keep the Agency Culture at the Forefront 

Some talents are so amazing, and their decorated resumes almost sweep us off our feet, but the talent is not all we look at when signing candidates. At times we just want to sign them right away. However, we are keen on protocol. There are values we don't compromise on-no matter how impressive talent is. 

So we look beyond their dazzling skills into attributes that align with the agency’s vision. 

We nurture talents, but we don't try to change personalities so if a candidate's character is not suited to our culture; we may have to cancel the deal. We have a keen eye for disciplined candidates who are uniquely talented and whose ambitions won’t compromise on our organization’s culture. 

2. Outline your Organizational Goals 

A goal with a plan to achieve it makes our route map to success. You can’t steer a successful talent management process without these. These goals help us a great deal when hiring new staff, evaluating the existing employees, or assigning them new roles. 

Besides, the objectives give us a sense of what’s urgent and what’s not so that we prioritize tasks, and know precisely where our organization is headed. That alone goes a long way to helping us with nurturing talents by setting short-term and long-term goals. 

3. Assign Objectives to Human Resource 

While the executive my view our goals as abstract, a useful human resource can work around them and turn them into a reality. 

To implement this effectively, we decide on who can get the work done, carefully, and assign them the tasks. It’s not something we do haphazardly; we have diligent executives and heads of departments to help us with the process.


4. We identify challenges and come up with solutions before they become problems

Nurturing talents comes with many challenges. Most of the difficulties are foreseeable; thanks to our experience in the field. To make this even easier, we have devised insightful ways to identify the challenges in advance. 

Our talent scouts and managers spend much time with talent entries, and our open-door management policy makes it easy to note any problems in executing our talent management strategies, and therefore come up with viable solutions in time. 

5. Clear Job Descriptions 

When we hire our staff, we go for people whose qualities best aligns with the agency’s mission. We then assign them job descriptions that align with their skills and carefully track their performances. 

However, often, most job descriptions are structured without a precise knowledge of the functions entail--We do it differently than other agencies. 

We evaluate our staff regularly and assign them roles based on their strengths. 

What makes JLD a Successful Talent Management Company?

6. We Invest in Employee Training and Appraisal

At JLD we view all our human resource as a critical long-term investment that will help our company grow and achieve its goals. We project our goals on the future, we do risk analysis, and put measures in place to meet customers' needs before they arise. One way we achieve this objective is by consistently training and appraising our employees. This empowers them with skills to overcome challenges that may occur. 

8. We measure success 

We believe in consistency. The progress may not come at once, but we know that if we are consistent in our efforts to improve talents, eventually the success will come. Nurturing skills is a delicate task and requires our full attention. 

We are keen on the progress of every talent, and we take keen interests in noting progress, and if we don't see any improvement, we will change our approach to a strategy that works. 

So, that's what works for JLD. However, our strategies are dynamic, so we are pretty much open-minded to any approach that will work best for our budding talents. 

We hope you found this post insightful. For more pieces, feel free to read through our blog.