One Audition Can Change Everything

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one audition can change everything.

Working to make it as an actor, and by "make it" I literally just mean booking enough jobs consistently to actually be able to pay bills, can seem like quite the challenge for those learning how to become an actor.  Going through, time after time, the emotional process of auditions, self-tape submissions, open casting calls, call backs, go-see's, screen tests, hours of acting classes, headshot after headshot, agent meetings, resume updating, comp-card and portfolio printing, keeping up with your measurements, countless hours of workshops, and an increasing number of the hurry up and wait routine, eventually starts to discourage anyone, and especially if you just aren't making the cast. 


To All The Talent Reading This Today

It is my hope, and why I am writing this blog post, to encourage you TO NOT GIVE UP!  As cliche' as that sounds, I am telling you this...BECAUSE many actors we know of today and enjoy watching on the big screen, were once in the very same position many of us actors feel everyday.  It just took that "One Audition That Changed Everything,"  for them and launched their amazing careers that we know of and aspire to be.  

I recently came across a really inspiring video that I found on YouTube of amazing actors' audition tapes, before they were "famous."  Even though at times they felt like giving up, they kept auditioning.  Had they quit so many of us would have never experienced such special and unique talents.  Same goes for you. So DON'T QUIT!  

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Three basic questions you should ask yourself

if you want to become a working professional actor.  

1. Are You Enrolled In The RIGHT Acting Class?

2. Is Your Headshot Helping You or Hurting You? 

3. Do Your Self-Tapes Meet Industry Standard Requirements? 



"Your actor headshot can make or break whether or not you get called in for an audition.  It can make or break an agent wanting to sign and work with you.  Independent projects take

Having a mediocre headshot or one that comes off ‘not your best’ isn’t going to give you the slightest edge in booking work.  A poor actor headshot can actually have the opposite desired affect.  Nothing could be more disheartening then robbing yourself of potential castings because you have a bad headshot.

Your actor headshot is your calling card.  Most times it is the first point of entry into a casting director’s life.  You want to represent yourself to that casting director to the best of your ability.  Anything that you can do to grab the attention of a casting agent is to your advantage." -MonologueBlogger.Com


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