How Do I Bring My Own Take to an Already-Written Character?

The more empathic and curious an actor can be, the more interested she is in learning about others, which will make it easier for her to bring her own take to a character.

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One Question An Actor Should Never Ask.

 The longer a student has been studying the more likely it is they are working on a regular basis, and yet some of the most successful actors in the professional world are also the ones who are the most regular in their attendance and their production in class.

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Four Things Talent Should Understand From The Beginning.

Would you trust anyone to be your doctor simply because they watch a lot of hospital dramas on television,  have just always dreamed of being a doctor, and therefore believe themselves to be just as qualified as a real doctor? Would you trust adorable young kiddos to give you that amazing new haircut currently trending on Pinterest that you have been wanting and have even created your own private board for last week?  If I were to guess the answer.... I would have to guess....No. and WHY???????  BECAUSE:  Due to lack of training, qualification and experience!  Did I get it?  Do you agree?  (#iamnotwrong)

To work as a professional creative artist in the entertainment industry, whether as an actor, dancer, singer, musician, all of the above, and really any entertainment professional for that matter, the rule still applies.

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