A Head Shot that BOOKS Is What Matters Most!

Every single day I encourage actors and models to sign up and participate in as many photo shoots with as many photographers, as they possibly can.  It is so important that if/when a mode or actor is given the opportunity to shoot images that will benefit his/her portfolio, then quality, intentional focus and establishing clear direction is and will ALWAYS BE KEY to achieving "bookable" photos.  Images that get you BOOKED is what matters.  


You have a great selfie? Can you use it?  NO! 

The photo aunt Susie took at your last birthday party, and those AHH-MAAAZINNNG- senior photos Uncle T.J. took with his new camera....yeah those won't work either. Why? Because  they just won't. There are certain things you must do a certain way if you want to be a professional in this business.  The industry has been this way for a very long time and I don't see it changing any time soon. Go ahead and  jump on board now, so you are one NECESSARY step closer to booking that role and getting paid.

 If you want to WIN and BOOK a job you audition for, here is a list of four important tips I have created to help you get booked. 

1. Choose a photographer that has a history of shooting head shots that BOOK JOBS!

This means you will have you have to do some research, before just going with the first name that pops up on Google when you search for photographers in your area.  Shooting BOOKABLE head shots, specific to actors, is a special skill that a select group of photographers really fully understand.  The ones that DO understand will have the portfolio to back it up.   Another tip: Don't just search for photographers but also research working actors, close to your area and similar to your typecast that are booking jobs and look at their head shot.  It certainly wouldn't hurt to reach out to them and ask who took their photos.  Who knows..maybe you can just go with the same photographer as them! 

2.   You want to be an entertainer? Well... ENTERTAIN!

I see over and over again aspiring actors, and entertainers completely freeze up when it is time to capture their unique awesomeness in a photo.  GUYS...THIS PHOTO MEANS EVERYTHING when it comes down to whether or not you ever get in to the casting room to audition!!!!  So this is THE TIME to hold NOTHING  back and let the photographer capture ALL of who you are!  If you are funny then BE FUNNY, if you are intense BE INTENSE, if you are playful BE PLAYFUL, if you have multiple personalities then BE ALL OF THEM.  Casting Directors are looking for CHARACTERS so GIVE IT TO THEM!

3. Define exactly what you need to accomplish in your session, BEFOREHAND.  

Not all photo sessions will be the same look and feel every time, NOR should they be.  We are entertainers meaning we tend to have have a variety of emotions running through us all the time.  Don't fight it...embrace it and USE IT to express feeling and  EMOTION during your shoot.  When planning for your session, remember that your PRIMARY goal is to capture atleast one, captivating photo that represents the YOU, you are right now.  As you continue to grow in your craft and get more and more comfortable and experienced then it will be time to shoot again! 

4. Study Your Face.

The mirror is your best friend, because it will never lie to you.  It is a part of your job, as an entertainer, to KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE while performing!  If you don't like what you see or don't really understand the message you're trying to communicate, then chances are neither will anyone else.  So practice practice practice and study what you look like when you express different emotions and poses. 


Do you have a head shot that is working??   If so comment, and share with us!!