TALENT RATES: Rates and fees vary by performance, category and media use. Please contact an agent for a custom and accurate quote. Standard session rates are provided as reference at the bottom of this page. These rates are not guaranteed and are only provided as a standard reference for you and your production team.

AGENCY FEE: JL DAVID charges a 20% agency fee to all on-camera and voice rates, 20% to all print rates.

CANCELLATION POLICY (once booking as been confirmed)

  • Less than 24 hour notice: full session fee + agency fee is applied.

  • Between 24-72 hours: 50% session fee + agency fee is applied.

  • More than 72 hours notice: 25% session + agency fee is applied

  • Notice must be given Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm. 

POSTPONEMENT POLICY: If a session is postponed but rescheduled at the time of postponement, a holding fee will apply and is non-refundable.

TRAVEL OUTSIDE NASHVILLE AREA: Air travel: additional rates for travel days apply and should be negotiated prior to booking. Transportation, lodging, per diem and expenses are to be paid by the client (unless otherwise negotiated).

Per diem: $65 per day. Must be paid in advance.

Car travel: more than 20 miles from Nashville, $.56 per mile round trip is applied for auto expenses. More than 60 miles from Nashville, $70 per hour round trip is applied for travel time.

WEATHER PERMITTING: Weather dependent jobs must be stated at the time of booking. There is no charge to postpone a shoot due to weather if the model/actor is notified before leaving for the job, and if the job is rescheduled at the time of postponement. If the model/actor is not available for the rescheduled booking, regular cancellation fees apply.


  • Wardrobe/Fittings

  • Rehearsal(s)

  • Shoots beginning after 8:00pm

  • Exclusivity or use of a model or actor's real name

  • Weekend work

  • On-Camera casting session at JL DAVID

TERMS OF PAYMENT: All invoices are payable upon receipt and should be paid directly to JL DAVID A 5% finance charge will be applied to invoices not paid within 30 days.

EMPLOYER LIABILITY: Models and actors booked through JL DAVID are not employees of JL DAVID.

PRINT SESSION: Models are available for hourly, half day, or full day bookings. A minimum booking is one hour with additional half hour increments. Fifteen minutes or forty-five minutes past the hour is considered to be an additional half hour. A day rate must be specified in advance and is considered 8 consecutive hours, including lunch. Day rates cannot be changed to an hourly rate during the booking, even if the model is released before 8 hours. Intimates and Swimwear: Bras and other women's undergarments, and men's underwear will be billed at double rate. The client must specify the exact type of garment at the time of booking.

PRINT USAGE: The hourly session fee includes one year of basic print advertising; direct mail, catalog, newspaper, brochure and magazine. Additional usage fees are billed on top of the session fee. The following are examples of additional usage: web, billboard, bus-side/trans-stop, posters, signage, packaging, P.O.P, national or international advertisements, and buyouts. Still photographs used for broadcast or video must be negotiated separately. Any additional use must be stated and agreed upon at the time of booking, and must be listed on the model/photography release.

PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE: Models will sign release forms on-set with the permission of JL DAVID. Photos are only released to the client for the length of time and usage negotiated prior to the shoot. If the client or use changes (length of time or medium), the model release must be renegotiated and approved through JL DAVID. Any release signed without agency consent will be considered void. Model releases are not valid until the agency has been paid in full.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Full disclosure of any extraordinary conditions or requirements for a specific job. Provide JL DAVID with complete billing information prior to booking. Report any on-set discrepancies to JL DAVID immediately.

SAG-AFTRA: Film, TV, Radio and Industrials booked under SAG-AFTRA jurisdiction must be in accordance with their rules and regulations, and rates are determined by their contracts.