Casting Networks is a talent profile database also. The difference is that we are only be allowed to submit you to castings posted on Casting Networks.  All talent, whom are signed with an agency have access to a free account (allowing 2 images and 1 media file uploads) If you choose to add more images and media uploads there is an additional fee.  Should you decided not to upload more than the allowed media and additional information be requested from Casting, regarding you, we will use your Modasphere account to send them everything they need. 

Once your account has been created please continue completing all sections thoroughly.  It is important to try and leave nothing blank!

How To Add Representation To New Profile Account: 

Select "Have an Agent" and enter the following agency code for J.L. David Talent:  205F4CE



***If you already have an existing Casting Networks profile, sign in to your profile and click "Link Profiles" on the homepage to enter in the agency code. Once your new profile has been created, please contact our Talent Support Department to have your photos copied over.