Models available for print campaigns through JL DAVID are of the highest quality in each perspective area. Our sizable roster of children, adults, seniors, couples, and families allows for one-stop client shopping. Looks of models in the following categories are available.

  • Resort

  • Lifestyle

  • Catalog

  • Fitness

  • Hand and foot

  • Fashion

  • Swimsuit

  • Plus

Our talent can be seen in abundant catalogs and brochures, as well as billboards throughout the country.

Clients include: Pepsi, Disney, El Jimador, Citgo, YMCA, Sonic, Cracker Barrel, Gaylord Opryland, Dollar General, GAP, Project615, Nike.


Your next promotion deserves quality talent.  At JL DAVID we have a wide variety of personable talent that are experienced in the promotion of fashion, concerts, sporting events, award shows and promotion related affairs.

Regardless of what our clients may be promoting we are able to supply the most enthusiastic, professional models. Represented promo talent are versatile giving clients the ease to work with dialogue, sales tactics and wardrobe.

JL DAVID promo models are verbally effective, meaning memorable conversations and connections with the audience being addressed.

Promo models are available for short and long term bookings, as well as for bookings in and out of state.


JL DAVID Talent offers a wide variety of high quality runway talent suitable for your next runway event.  Choose from male, female, children, exotic looks, heights and sizes!

We are passionate about the success of your next runway event. 

  • We provide large corporations with models for elaborate fashion and runway shows.

  • We represent lifestyle and high fashion models to meet the specific look or style the client is aiming for.

  • By request, JL DAVID also provides dressers and choreographers/producers to assist in putting together a themed show.

Runway clients include: NIKE, PGA, Disney, Sak’s 5th Avenue, Dillards, Harley Davidson, Greg Norman, Loreal, Bridal Magazine, and Paul Mitchell


JL DAVID has the perfect talent for your next convention. Our convention talent have the skills and poise to attract quality leads for your products and services.

Models, hosts, or spokespersons from JL DAVID enables you and your company to present their best corporate image. With hundreds of talent to choose from, we can match your company with the right talent to fit your needs. Reliable, friendly, and professional talent to meet and greet your customers, distribute promotional materials, promote your products with scripted presentations, gather leads, or draw a crowd. Demonstrators, narrators w/ear prompter experience, models from sexy, professional, to high-fashion work your trade show booth or your hospitality suite freeing you and your sales staff to connect with potential customers as well as taking care of your core business customers.


If your next film or TV project calls for a wide variety of experienced talent, you can rely on JL DAVID to deliver talent ranging from union, non-union, multilingual, all ages and races and more.  Film and TV Actors under contract with JL DAVIDt are a mix of both SAG/ AFTRA union and non-union.

JL DAVID actors are available for short and long-term bookings. Dialects, accents, foreign languages, character types and comedians, are only a few of types of actors we represent.


Whether it’s smooth, sexy, robust, sophisticated, accented, etc., JL DAVID delivers quality and experienced voice over talent for all your voice over needs.

JL DAVID represents a quality selection of voice over talent.

  • We provide versatile voice over talent for films, radio, TV, industrial, and infomercials.

  • Our voice over talent is composed of character actors, spokespeople, newscasters, sound a-likes, and many different dialects.

  • JL DAVID has provided talent for many radio stations throughout the United States, animated films, and various commercials.


Please contact our office directly if you are interested in reviewing our full audio library of VO talent specific to your immediate casting needs at or 615 852 7788



Print | Commercial | Industrial | Voiceover



From fitness bloggers to fashion and beauty bloggers our influencers can help your brand get noticed. With followings into the hundreds of thousands, if you want a way to get your brand some added exposure then this is it. At JL DAVID we are an experienced agency and can help you reach the right audience by selecting an influencer that’s highly in tune with your target audience. From beauty and fashion to fitness and lifestyle, we represent some highly talented influencers that are at the top of their game.

Social media, blogging, vlogging and content marketing are the latest forms of advertising and offer brands the perfect platform to reach their target market. Put your brand in front of your target audience through talented social influencers who are passionate about creating content that their fans love.

For more details and to help us match you up with the perfect influencer get in touch with our team today.




At JL DAVID our hair and makeup artists regularly work with top photographers, production companies, casting agents and fashion producers to help theme models and get them looking their best. Our talented hair and makeup artists can be booked for portfolio shoots, photoshoots, commercials, runway styling and all other types of fashion and commercial modeling. From models to TV stars and artists, our hair and makeup artists can be booked for a full range of projects across the spectrum.

Our hair and makeup artists are incredibly talented and regularly work with top models and professionals in the industry. To find out more about them just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

For help finding the right stylist or makeup artist for your next project get in touch with our team today and see how we can help.


Fashion stylists are an incredibly important part of fashion and commercial modeling. With an exacting eye for detail and always up to date on the latest fashion trends they can help transform a model into a true style icon. From editorial content to fashion and commercial projects, our fashion stylists work across a wide spectrum of projects to help create visually inspiring images that tell a story.

We help match our clients with the best talent possible and help them find the right fashion stylist for their needs.

Get in touch with JL DAVID to find out more about any of our fashion stylists or to request a booking.