Are you interested in being an extra in a movie or your favorite show on television?

We’ll be shooting in Nashville’s streets, cafes, hiking trails, backyard sustainable organic farms and awesome venues.  Something you might not have noticed about these places is that they’re full of people – in the show, these people are going to be you.

And we’re going to pay you $8.00/hour - $12/hour to be you in these places!

Annoying and not-annoying facts about extra-ing:

1. Extra-ing takes all day long and mostly what you do is wait, sit and wait some more.  Bring a book, or if you can’t read, a shiny object to stare at. You might bring an electronic object, but keep in mind that electricity will be limited and the extras wrangler (who will, honestly, wrangle you like you’ve never been wrangled before) will not have time to adjudicate arguments about “hogging the AC” between extras.

2. It happens during the day, during the night, on weekdays and weekends – often during times when you might otherwise be working or in school. 

3. You’ll need to become an actual employee of the show, so if you are on the run from the law, accept only cash or have any other reason you couldn’t bring the documents needed to fill out the IRS’s I-9 and W-4 forms, you can’t be an extra. 

4. We’re looking to show Nashville as it really looks, so we want only the following kinds of people to submit: everyone and their grandma!!!

5. We might contact you on very short notice, like, the night before, hours before, or any time.  If you’ve already made plans for that time, we’ll be sad, but totally, totally understand in a not at all guilt-trippy or passive aggressive way.

If you’re interested in being an extra, click the following link and fill out the form and upload a photo! 

Extras: to submit your information and photos of yourself along with phone and email info to: or fill out the contact form below.

Actors with head shots+resumes, please send there to us also.