Modaportfolio is a portfolio management, active pitch tool for casting and producers, as well as your agents direct access to all of your submission materials that extend beyond what is visible across all of your talent profiles across the multiple platforms. This is how your agent GETS TO KNOW YOU and become familiar with all of your skills, strengths and development as your career progresses and relationship with your agent at JLDA continues to grow.

This is step #1 when joining JLDA before linking all other profiles as everything funnels through your MODAPORTFOLIO account.

Once subscribed please email us to confirm. You will receive your login credentials within 24 hours, at which time set up begins.


If your ModaPortfolio is not ACTIVATED, for further assistance for ModaPortfolio activation, please contact our Agency Director, Desiree Page at

To ensure that your ModaPortfolio does not become inactive after activation, make sure you are setup for your monthly ModaPortfolio subscription.
This is a reoccurring small fee of $15 per month.

Click below to subscribe: