The agency has grown to represent photographers, stylists, creative directors, hair and makeup artists and an illustrator for assignment, special projects, and image licensing. Additionally, JL DAVID Production offers casting, location and specialized services. JL DAVID offers long term guidance and support to our artists and helps to build their archives of published work and digital files for perpetuity. We offer support and development for our artists exhibitions and publications, and for educational projects that extend the discussion of image making in general.


We can offer seasoned guidance to our clients in brand marketing and strategy, design, licensing, publishing, and public relations. Our talent pool includes illustratorsphotographers, art directors, copywriters, creative directors, web designers, social media specialists, marketing strategists, and public relations resources. Each project is tailored to your needs.


We are expert branders and creative matchmakers. We have provided clients with thoughtfully curated teams, as well as provided seasoned knowledge and guidance in brand marketing, design, advertising, licensing, publishing, and public relations. Our experience in the field brings great insight and expertise into the mix. Our talent pool includes independent art directors, copywriters, creative directors, product and packaging designers, web designers, social media specialists, marketing strategists, boutique advertising agencies and public relations companies. Each project is uniquely tailored to a client’s individual needs and circumstances.

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Working with clients and brands looking to expand their influence across multiple platforms, we specialize in implementing a strategic marketing plan, creating engaging content, and analyzing social media data.

Our commitment builds stronger relationships between our clients and their followings; our specialty is turning brand customers into brand marketers.

Whether the companies we’re working with are newly formed or already established, our social media team takes pride in ensuring that their concepts are made into reality.


Community Management

Your customers, fans and prospects expect a quick response. Our team builds relationships with your online fans 24/7.


A full team of writers, designers photographers, videographers, and editors at the ready to enhance and highlight your story.

Influencer Engagement

Creating organic and media-driven influencer marketing programs. Establishing authentic relationships to drive awareness, loyalty, and content creation. Utilize our existing Influencers for campaigns.

Social Advertising

Developing and implementing paid social advertising strategies to increase reach and drive desirable consumer actions through amplification of


JL DAVID offers full service production services also. We have the resources and network of connections to orchestrate exceptional scenarios and find solutions for all creative visions. With a unique point of view and approach, our expertise and reliability is unparalleled.

Additional Production Services include:

  • Estimating & Bidding

  • Casting

  • Location Scouting & Permits

  • Crew Bookings

  • Onsite Coordination

  • Scheduling & Travel Itineraries – Transportation

  • Set Construction

  • Insurance

  • Catering & Craft Services


If desired, you (the Client) may elect to have shoot expenses administered by JL DAVID. If you make such election, the following terms shall apply:

The Client shall advance to JL DAVID, in one or more lump sum payments, the funds necessary to cover all expenses specified in the Estimate, and JL DAVID shall disburse such funds to pay each such expense as it falls due. JL DAVID shall be authorized to pay all expenses in the approved Estimate without the Clients specific approval, but shall obtain such approval before paying any expense not specified in the agreed shoot Estimate. JL DAVID shall not be required to pay any expense unless and until the Client provides the necessary funds, and shall have no personal responsibility or liability for any cost or expense, other than to disburse the funds provided by the Client, pursuant to the agreed shoot Estimate. The Client shall indemnify JL DAVID against any costs (including reasonable attorneys fees) arising in connection with any claim asserted against JL DAVID by any vendor or supplier as the result of the Clients failure to provide required funds. JL DAVID shall provide the Client with receipts (or other acceptable written substantiation) for all disbursements made byJL DAVID on the Clients behalf.

In consideration of its services, JL DAVID shall charge processing fees to the Client at the following rates:

Amount of Invoice Processing Fee

Under $2,500 » None

$2500 - $9,999 » $100

$10,000 - $24,999 » $250

$25,000 - $49,000 » $500

$50,000 - $99,999 » $750

$100,000 or more » $1,000